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Six Reasons Why Wabo is Pumped for Fall.

Six Reasons Why Wabo is Pumped for Fall.

1. Candy corn, candy corn, candy corn. We like candy corn.

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2. It's Pumpkin Spice Latte season. PLUS you can drink your PSL from your wabo

Vidme psl pumpkin spice latte pumpkin spice pumpkin spice season

Or if PSL's are too 'white girl' for you, who could turn down a hot cider in your wabo.

3. Fall is prime time for music festivals. And you never want to be found without liquids at a music festivals. 

wabo music festival


4. You get to drink warm liquids from you wabo as the days start to get cold.



5. We love pumpkins as much as this dog loves running circles around them. 

dog halloween fall puppy autumn

6. Nothing is better than apple picking.

The Simpsons lisa simpson season 10 episode 1 10x01


As the days get colder, the autumn lifestyle is starting to pick up. We're excited for all the apple-picking, sweater wearing, hot cider drinking (from your wabo), pumpkin carving nights filled ahead.

blanket water bottle

And who could forget the leaf-raking, football tailgating, candy-apple eating, corn maze searching, filled days. We hope you are just as excited too.

Have a great start to your October!