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Spotlight #1 - Bryn Bonner

Spotlight #1 - Bryn Bonner

Our Interviewee

Wabo fanatic, Bryn Bonner, recently approached us with the below picture. Yes, that is her entire physical therapy class sporting there wabos. So naturally, we couldn't help but ask her for an interview.
Water bottle wabo class
(Bryn's at the bottom there laying down.)


Us: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and what you’re into?

Bryn: I am a recent graduate of Elon University. My favorite pastime is probably searching through Yelp and Trip Advisor webpages to find the best restaurants in whichever city I am in.

Us: What school are you currently at? 

Bryn: I am currently at the University of Delaware in my first year of PT school.

Us: We love the photo! How did it happen?

Bryn: We actually took an entire class photo just prior to taking this photo. Everyone had their school polos, and obviously had their wabos too, so it was the perfect time to snap the picture.

Us: What does the group like about their wabos?

Bryn: Everyone always says that the most incredible feature of the wabo is that it keeps water so cold for so long. It was almost like a magic trick when I showed my friends the ice in my water bottle before our 8 AM class, and then reshowed them that the ice was still there when the class ended at 12.

nickelodeon bored spongebob class spongebob squarepants

(Even a wabo can last through class!)

Us: What is one cool thing or place you’ve been with your wabo?

Bryn: Because my wabo arrived 2 days before I started graduate school, travel has been limited. But, I did bring my wabo to the human cadaver lab at UD (well actually I left it in the locker room because food and drink are not permitted in the actual lab).

#Impastor funny season 2 lol comedy

(Good thing her wabo wasn't near this.)

Us: If you were riding one animal into battle, assuming all animals are roughly the same size, which would you ride?

Bryn: I would absolutely ride a Tibetan Mastiff into battle.

File:The Tibetan Mastiff at our Hostel.jpg

Yes, Bryn would ride that majestic, stoic, glorious dog into battle. A dog that can weigh well over 250 pounds and be over 3 feet tall. Heck of a ride.