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December 08, 2016 1 min read

Our Interviewee

Jeff Gelbwaks, a family man and Wabo fanatic, recently completed one of our spotlight interviews. Pictured below, Jeff curls with his trusty wabo as it keeps his water ice cold.

wabo jeff working out stainless steel water bottle

Us: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and what you're into?

Jeff: First and foremost, FAMILY! Work/life balance to enjoy family, friends and the wonders of our ever changing world.

kiss family hug full house john stamos

Braxton Family Values  family cheers sisters bfv

Us: How long have you had your wabo?

Jeff: 6 months.

filmeditor horror calendar mia farrow roman polanski

Us: What is one cool thing you've done or place you've been to with your wabo?

Jeff: Fishing and boating in the Peconic Bay.

tv television ocean reality tv entertainment

AFV Pets dog fail falling oops

Us: Does your wabo have any sweet stickers on it? What kind?

Jeff: Yes, 2 in addition to the "WABO" sticker..... "CTCHG" (Cutchogue) which is my happy place. "WINE Long Island" which helps us get to an even happier place!

drunk wine wine cooler white wine water cooler

Us: If you were to ride one animal into battle, assuming all animals are roughly the same size, which would you ride?

Jeff: My childhood German Shepard, "Tory"...if you saw the size of him and his fierce loyalty to family, one would understand!

dog baby bowl dish tug of war

Thanks for the interview Jeff! Here's Jeff spinning while he longs for his wabo.

jeff biking with stainless steel water bottle