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January 09, 2017 1 min read

Our Interviewee

Kelly Morris, a beachy girl with a southern taste and Wabo fanatic, recently completed one of our spotlight interviews. Pictured below, Kelly stands sturdily with her trusty wabo as she takes a quick pitstop 5,500 feet up a Virginian mountain on her drive back to Auburn.

kelly morris wabo stainless steel water bottle custom

Us: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and what you’re into?

Kelly: I'm a senior at Auburn University studying public relations. I love running and exploring new places. I live for Jersey summers and hanging out with my friends.

auburn Auburn football auburn university aubie sea wench s

Us: How long have you had your wabo?

Kelly: 2 months

Daniela Sherer time calendar months flies

mrw boyfriend months


Us: What is one cool thing you've done or place you've been to with your wabo?

Kelly: I bring it with me when traveling to away games ! SEC SEC!

sports manip auburn tigers maracas war eagle

Us: Does your wabo have any sweet stickers on it? What kind?

Kelly: Yes I am rocking some sweet Pit Viper stickers on my Wabo, and Good Vibes company. I always get excited when I get some sweet new stickers to put on my Wabo!

 wabo stainless steel bottle stickers

Us: If you were to ride one animal into battle, assuming all animals are roughly the same size, which would you ride?

Kelly: A shark, of course

smile hello shark teeth finding nemo