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April 09, 2017 1 min read

Our Interviewee

Samantha Murray, a health, outdoors and Wabo fanatic, is pictured here showing off her wabo amid a beautiful mountaintop view.

Us: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and what you’re into?

Sam: I love to workout!! Although I wouldn't consider myself "adventurous" in the outdoors, I love being outside, being with people, exploring, and being active! I am also a workaholic.

Us: How long have you had your wabo?

Sam: Only 6 months…. I think :)


Us: What is one cool thing you've done or place you've been to with your wabo?

Sam: I bring my wabo with me for all my workouts/runs so it has been all over the place!! Back in October my wabo also road tripped from Massachusetts to North Carolina when I relocated a few weekends ago. It was awesome to have a water bottle that actually kept water cold throughout the 800 miles! Most recently, my wabo and I hiked Crowder’s Mountain (NC).

Us: Does your wabo have any sweet stickers on it? What kind?

Sam: Yes!! Anytime I go somewhere and there is a sticker, I snag if for my wabo. Some of my favorite stickers include my American Cancer Society stickers, one from the CoOp in Burlington NC, and my “gluten free gal” sticker.

Us: If you were to ride one animal into battle, assuming all animals are roughly the same size, which would you ride?

Sam: I. Am. Obsessed. With. Elephants.