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May 23, 2017 1 min read

Danielle Vollaro an educated, hydrated, and elephant-loving wabo fanatic, is pictured here rehydrating from her wabo near a creek on a trek.

Our Interviewee


dog sports wabo


Us: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and what you’re into?
Danielle: I am a graduate student at Sacred Heart University. I enjoy participating in different sports and being outdoors.

sports go sports wabo stainless steel water bottle


Us: Favorite liquid to put in your wabo
Danielle: Water

baby hose wabo


Us: How long have you had your wabo?
Danielle: 3 months

class you can do it wabo stainless steel water bottle


Us: What is one cool thing you've done or place you've been to with your wabo?
Danielle: I have taken my wabo to class (boring I know) and various hiking trails around my school, the top locations include Sleeping Giant and Lake Mohegan.

class hands raised wabo stainless steel water bottle


Us: Does your wabo have any sweet stickers on it? What kind?
Danielle: My wabo currently only has the wabo sticker, I'm really slacking on the stickers

 elephant trampoline jump wabo


Us: If you were to ride one animal into battle, assuming all animals are roughly the same size, which would you ride?
Danielle: An elephant since they are my favorite!

 elephant push over wabo water


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