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Top 5 Reasons I'm Keeping My Wabo By My Side This Summer

Top 5 Reasons I'm Keeping My Wabo By My Side This Summer

  1. Stay hydrated, 2. On the go, 3. Out of reach, 4. Always cold, 5. No sweat


Hip Wabo In Bag with Sunglasses on Sidewalk

It’s the beginning of August and not sure about you guys, but it is hot as an oven in New York City PLUS humidity. I try to dress light but still need a sweater for the sub-zero temps in my office,; I keep makeup to a minimum so I don’t look like a clown by the end of the day; I even drive two blocks to and from the bus stop because I can’t take the heat!

One thing I know for certain though is that I can always rely on my wabo to be with me, keeping my hydrated, cool, and the envy of the hard New York City streets.

Why do I always keep a wabo nearby? Here are my top 5 reasons I always keep my wabo by my side:

1. Hydration

The Simpsons marge simpson season 20 episode 19 drinking

On a daily basis, I walk over a mile each way to and from the depths of Hell that is the New York City subway in the summer, to and from my office, back and forth to the bus station (another layer of Hell not as hot, but just as crowded).

Subway platforms can reach upwards of 100 degrees F in the summer, and passing trains only give the slightest relief from the sweat dripping from my forehead. I’ve seen people faint before my eyes and not only is it scary, I don’t want it to be me.

For this reason, and many others, I always keep my WaBo at arm’s length, fighting off dehydration and potential repercussions of not drinking enough water on scorchingly hot days. I may have to race to the bathroom by the time I get to work, but at least I won’t be that person who caused a train delay, or worse!

2. Movement

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When I am at work, I am constantly between my desk and one of the many meetings that happen on a daily basis. I may need to call a client with weekly reports, or I may have a brief question and answer session with HR about changing over my health insurance (I am not looking forward to turning 26!).

Not only is carrying my computer, cell phone, and other gadgets a fearful activity in and of itself, carrying a glass of water along with these water-sensitive items is nerve-wracking.

To make things easy, I have learned a system for stacking these gadgets, as well as how important my wabo top is. It’s vacuum-sealing design makes me feel confident enough to scoop the convenient swivel handle by a finger, knowing I won’t be putting my computer or phone at risk of water damage.

3. Location, Location, Location

mrw hours location asks calendartime

Like I said above, I walk between my office, the bus depot, and subway stations on my way to and from work. Sometimes, and especially in the summer, I make it onto the train just in time to miss being crushed by the closing doors, and immediately feel as if I am suffocating by the number of people around me. Unless I want to spend money on a $3 bottle of water (yuck!), I know I won’t be receiving any relief until I get to my office.

With my wabo by my side, I know that I won’t be parched, facing the potential of falling face down on the subway track, and my commute will be that much more comfortable. (And, I will be preventing one more plastic bottle from being dumped into the ocean and another dollar from being deposited into the pocket of a greedy beverage executive.)

4. Staying Cool

water spongebob i need it!

As you’ve read above, there are many different times of day where I feel like I am SpongeBob SquarePants when he enters Sandy’s dome without a water helmet: my throat is dry as sandpaper, and I am sweating from every pore on my body. Water is not only the best liquid to drink to stay hydrated (The body is 76% water!), but my WaBo keeps the water within it cool for hours.

On company field day, the temperatures reached 93 degrees F and the humidity was so high it felt like we were underwater when the sky finally opened up around 4pm. I filled my WaBo with ice and water and 1pm, at the beginning of field day, and the water was still cold and the ice cubes still frozen when I got home at 8pm that night. Incredible and totally worth it, if you ask me.

5. No Sweat (condensation)

timelapse side condensation

On said company field day, I checked the weather and knew immediately that by the end of the day, I was going to be soaked through with sweat from head to toe. I am a competitive person; there was no way I wasn’t winning the company cup (We came in second….). So, I packed two extra shirts and an extra pair of shorts, knowing I would have to eventually hop on the bus for an hour ride home.

What did I also pack for the day? Yep, my wabo! What else do I keep in my backpack? Well, my planner, my nook, and my phone charger probably wouldn’t do well getting wet, but with my WaBo, I know I don’t have to worry about that. The body of the bottle is anti-sweat, and at the end of the day, the only reason any of my extra shirts were wet was because a literal flood came out of the clouds drenching the eastern side of the island of Manhattan.

What are your favorite reasons to carry your wabo everywhere? Share with us in the comments or by sending us a snap and a blurb through DM on instagram @mywabo !

PS- That water from field day? Still cold the next day when I got to work at 9am, just sans ice cubes. CRAZY AWESOME!

Written by one of our influencers and wabo fanatic: Brit Fox