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Custom Engraved Wabo Orders | Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Our bottles can be laser-engraved to accommodate almost any logo or personalized graphic, great for your brand or company.

Customized stainless steel water bottles are perfect for business gifts, promotional events, employee recognition gifts, and fit perfectly in a coffee shop or other retail location. They're also a great idea to use at music festivals, expos, or any type of conference.

Below you'll find some examples of custom engraved water bottles that we've worked on. We'd be happy to provide references if need be.

custom logo engraved stainless steel water bottles

How can I get custom logo or personalized stainless steel wabos for my organization?

The process is easy and usually takes 5 steps: 1) Send us your logo, 2) We'll provide you with a sketch of what your logo would look like on a wabo, 3) Once you approve it, we'll send you an invoice, 4) From the day the invoice is paid, it typically 4 weeks, 5) Receive your custom engraved wabos!

1) Send us your logo

We prefer the logo be in Illustrator format (.ai) but if that's not possible we can work with you.

oak house coffee logo

2) We'll provide you with a sketch

The sketch is the closest way we can show you what the bottle will look like before engraving. It's important to note that our bottles are laser-engraved. This means that we don't do logos in color and that the black in the logo is a representation of the what the logo will look like. In reality, the engravement is more of a metallic silver as shown in the images above.

oak house wabo engraved sketch

3) Once approved, we'll send you an invoice

Our invoices are sent through email and are generally paid through credit cards. If credit card is not an option, we can work with you on another form of payment.

18/8 Custom Engraved Stainless Steel Water Bottle Pricing




$17.00 per bottle


$16.00 per bottle


$15.50 per bottle


$15.00 per bottle

Please note: Shipping can be up to an additional $1.00 per bottle but never more.


If the order is large enough, we typically break the invoice into a 35% payment upfront and the remaining 65% invoiced once the bottles are received.

4) From the day the invoice is paid, it typically takes 2 - 3 weeks

We cannot start engraving your bottles until the invoice is paid.

5) Receive your custom engraved wabos!

wabo oak house water bottle custom engraved

wabo oak house water bottle custom engraved

Special thanks to the Oak House for allowing us to use their example. Please let us know if you have any questions!